Pentar Capabilities

Providing Complete Turnkey Solutions.

Full Turnkey Provider

Since 1998, Pentar has been committed to providing our customers with more than the typical build-to-print contract manufacturing model.  With in-house expertise in design and development, value engineering, ISO 9001:2015 registration and other government agency certifications, we are able to assist our clients in ways ordinary contract manufacturers cannot.  As such, we strive to understand each client’s goals and work together to achieve them.

Contract Manufacturing

Pentar offers our clients in-house assembly, test, packaging, and drop-shipping capabilities from prototype to high-volume production quantities.  Electronic assemblies include surface mount technology (SMT), as well as through-hole.  Complete box build and mechanical assemblies are functionally tested, with full environmental testing also available.

When volumes and/or cost considerations justify off-shore production, Pentar can provide turnkey manufacturing and project management.  With dedicated US and China based operations, Pentar conducts a thorough manufacturer resource evaluation to ensure the ideal factory is selected based on each client’s unique requirements.  As an extra measure of quality control, local staff is always utilized to confirm in-factory processes, testing, and packaging.  In addition, if required, Pentar will conduct final QA and testing in our Huntsville facility prior to final shipment.

Value Engineering

An important service provided to all Pentar clients is proactive value engineering. We realize our customer’s success is our success, therefore, our engineers take the initiative to evaluate products, components, and processes in order to make recommendations that will result in improved quality, increased productivity and reduced cost.

Design and Development

When product design and development is required, Pentar offers a wide array of services.

  • Pentar understands the value of excellent industrial design.  Important aspects such as human factors, user interface, design for manufacturing (DFM), color and finish can make or break a product’s success.
  • Electronics design services include analog circuitry, digital design, and software development.
  • Mechanical designs are accomplished utilizing 3D development applications.  Pentar can provide rapid prototyping, including 3D printing.  Pentar engineers have more than 30 years of experience in enclosure and interface design utilizing injected molded parts, metal stampings, die castings, extrusions, vacuum forming, fastening & joining, polymer welding, encapsulating, and environmental sealing.

Compliance and Certification

Statistical process control (SPC), hazards analysis, and reliability prediction are just some of the services that can be provided.  In addition, Pentar has direct experience with agency certifications and audits, such as UL/CSA, CE, FCC, FDA, and ETL.

Service and Repair

A service and repair depot can be provided for clients requiring this service.  Field returns can be sent directly to Pentar, where detailed documentation and records are maintained for each repair.  Upon completion, Pentar offers drop-ship service to locations worldwide.

Major Sectors

Our success as a contract manufacturer has been applied to telecommunications, consumer products, and industrial and medical applications.

GPS receivers built by Pentar are used with cellular towers worldwide to generate accurate timing marks allowing precise timing and control synchronization between towers.

Pentar manufactures a variety of electronic devices used in many familiar consumer products. In addition, Pentar produces the Recon Outdoors brand of hunting and outdoor sportsman products, including scouting and surveillance cameras and camouflage netting.

Pentar manufactures a wide variety of sensors, including ultrasonic, capacitive, and IR motion, for various industrial applications. Motor controls include brushed DC, stepper, and servo motors.

Our contract manufacturing expertise has led to successful products such as nurse call devices, emergency alarms, monitoring systems and asset tracking for medical facilities.